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  • 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
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About The Founder - Rabbi Moshe Peleg

  • Email: mpeleg10@gmail.com

  • Address: 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem

  • Phone: (972) 054-6755995

Rabbi Moshe Peleg association manager, director and head of the Shorashim Center and Shirat Jerusalem Seminary - [Beera Shel Miriyam (the former name)] has extensive experience in setting up and managing projects around the world.

Among the things he initiated: established and managed: Working with groups Jaffa Street Tuesday. Teaching and management of Talmud Tora  'source of life' ' in Jerusalem, setting up a joint learning activities within the framework of the' 'common' 'yeshiva students and students of the Hebrew University, the Technion, Haifa, Tel Aviv University and others.

Building management seminars and symposia sabbaticals many different groups, inter alia, the Jewish Agency, Army (Basic Education), high schools, youth and student delegations from others. Build Sinai desert and run a series of seminars 'lights in the desert' in the Far East worked to strengthen Jewish identity and connection to Israel of young Israelis who traveled to Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan and having almost lost in cults in India.

He also established a multi stream through the  'Shorashim Center' in Jerusalem. now he is the director of the NGO : 'Meomek Ahalev'  and the head of Shirat Jerusalem seminary, and spending his time strengthening Jewish identity and values ​​of Israeli society, and rehabilitation of girls who fell in at-risk situations and declined to drugs, alcohol and contact with Arabs.

The girls come from diverse backgrounds and ages, including the full range of the company with a team-qualified educators eminent, professionals / practitioners who give all their strength and soul to help for the people of Israel.

Rabbi Moshe Peleg - 050-4141632 ; 054-6755995