• 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • mpeleg10@gmail.com
  • 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • (972) 054-6755995

The Zuol'a On The Roof

  • The Zuol'a On The Roof
  • Email: mpeleg10@gmail.com

  • Address: 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem

  • Phone: (972) 054-6755995

A new project started 3 year ago in response to a great need of the “street kids” when we opened on the top of the building – the "ZUOL'A": crash-pad on the roof – a project for “street boys” from an ultra-orthodox background. Synthetic grass was laid down there, lighting was installed, and an enormous tent constructed to protect them from the cold & rain. We have been surprised by the large number of youth seeking for help.

The target population is youth from ultra-orthodox homes that were wandering in the streets without a framework and therefore are exposed to dangers and distress.

The boys have asked for the opening of an evening learning program and together with the other demands including the above activities and the intensive individual care that each teenager needs the seminary has encountered severe economic difficulty.

• The activities there are mainly at night, as an alternative to wandering the streets.