• 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • mpeleg10@gmail.com
  • 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • (972) 054-6755995

Shorashim Center - A variety of activities

  • Shorashim Center
  • Email: mpeleg10@gmail.com

  • Address: 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem

  • Phone: (972) 054-6755995

A Shorashim Center (Roots Center) in Jerusalem offers variety of activities:

• A center for Jewish studies and rehabilitation of girls and boys at risk

• A multi-disciplinary center for studies and professional training. The professional seminary/center provides authorization and professional certification

• Musical encounters, lectures, value–oriented activities and intimate conversations on the center for youth: girls, boys and organized groups .

• A special study day for women – including special workshops by Rabbi Michi Yosefi:"Yemima Method"

• The 'Zuol'a on the roof' – a project to rehabilitate boys from ultra-orthodox homes who are at risk and in distress. The activities there are mainly at night, as an alternative to wandering the streets.