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Jewish Seminary for girls: 'Shirat Yerushalayim' (Beera Sh'el Miriam former)

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  • Address: 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem

  • Phone: (972) 054-6755995

The 'Shirat Yerushalayim' Seminary ('Be'era Shel Miriyam' former) was established to offers an helping hand to girls who have left home for the streets – where they have been exposed to dangers such as drugs or stressed relationships with some Arabs that have miss used their vulnerability which lead them to physical and emotional crisis.

We developed a special rehabilitation program for girls who were exposed to (emotional and physical) risk, while providing a professional solution to the problems unique to them. The rehabilitation program includes two stages: Stage 1: activities to locate and remove girls from the street and their integration in a supportive framework, developing a unique rehabilitation program for every girl, solving problems of daily survival, (meals, lodging, a listening ear), providing professional studies, direction to welfare institutions. Stage 2: Evening activities – with a professional team for caring for the girls, integrating them in a protected residential framework, providing rehabilitation workshops, lectures on strengthening belief and on observing Jewish laws in practice.

The seminary has a unique character that accepts every girl regardless of who she is, in a warm and supportive and loving atmosphere. The girls can study and receive Jewish inspiration without pressure on observing the commandments and without any distancing criticism. With God's help, we have facilitated the marriage of more than 260 girls who have established stable homes based on Torah and the commandments.

See Our Website: http://www.beera.co.il