• 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • mpeleg10@gmail.com
  • 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem
  • (972) 054-6755995

A pre-army preparation academy

  • A pre-army preparation
  • Email: mpeleg10@gmail.com

  • Address: 13 Shamai Street , IL, Jerusalem

  • Phone: (972) 054-6755995

A unique post-high school/pre-army academy, located adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City. True Spirit is a co-ed program for religiously observant, traditional and non-observant young adults committed to being part of the drive to revitalize Israeli society from the inside.

Our focus is on diversity, as we attract Israeli students with limitless passion for artistic creativity and a commitment to Jewish learning and renewal. We harmoniously blend the study of traditional Jewish texts with contemporary thinkers, creating in our students a deeper sense of connection to Jewish Peoplehood, to the Jewish Nation, and to love of the land of Israel with its Eternal capital, Jerusalem.

True Spirit is the only pluralistic, non-denominational gap-year program of its kind, with a curriculum that stresses our rich, complex history, while at the same time pushing students to grapple with and make sense of the contemporary realities that they will face during their army service and beyond. They prepare both for physical, mental and emotions demands of their army service, and also to take their place in society upon completing service.

The program emphasizes diversity, engaging students from all socioeconomic levels — especially those from the periphery of Israel. In the coming year, we plan to add an overseas track.